Sergeant Noel Cash

Sergeant Noel Cash came from Wrexham, a salesman at Astons Furnishings in the town he joined up at the start of the war when he was just 18 years of age and he was part of Drummond's first 'Goblin' crew in October 1941. He didn't however stay long before moving on to another Squadron based at Graveley, Cambs. He would lose his life in a crash close to the airfield at Papworth St Agnes, just south of Godmanchester. A wonderful 'intake' photograph taken of No 41 Wellington OTU Air Gunners Course based at RAF Bassingbourn, dated Autumn 1941. Noel is back row far left. I can't help but wonder just how many of these young men made it to VE Day?

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Sergeant Jim Ely

Sergeant Jim Ely was a regular member of Drummonds crew. The nickname 'Jim' came from the 'Sunny Jim' character of the Force Flakes breakfast cereal to which he was partial.

Here is Jim, front row 2nd left, at Evanton Training Camp, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland 

And outside the Officers Mess at RAF Wyton, sitting at the front of a Norton Motorbike and then on his own.

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Sergeant Robert Melville

Pilot Officer Robert Lorraine Melville (service number 400637), from Coogee, Australia. Son of William Charles and Mabel Maud Melville. He was Drummonds second co-pilot and eventually went on to captain his own Stirling. He and all but two of his crew were lost when they crashed close to Esbjerg harbour on their return from a raid on Thursday 16th July 1942, aged 25. The aircraft wreckage was strewn across the estuary, which was visited the following day by the German military.


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Sergeant Noel Spalding

Sergeant Noel 'Johnny' Spalding was an ever present member of Drummond Wilson's crew. The only raid he missed being the Essen one on the 10th/11th April 1942, when he was laid up in hospital with frostbite suffered on the previous Hamburg raid a few days before. A Norfolk man from Wells Next The Sea he had moved to London to work for J. Sainsburys prior to the war, being a very strong and athletic man he enjoyed taking part in the companies sporting events, and with some success. Here is his collection of medals starting with two School ones for Tug-Of-War and Football back in Wells, he was also Captain of the Schools Football team. The rest come from his time in London and show his considerable skill as a footballer.


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Pilot Officer Shiv Dev Singh

Shiv Dev Singh was one of 24 Indian pilots who qualified to serve with the RAF after answering the call to arms following the Battle of Britain and the heavy losses incurred by the early Bomber Command Raids. He served as Drummonds co-pilot on one raid, before being transferred to the Middle East. After Japan came into the war he returned to his native India where he served with distinction, remaining in the Indian Air Force and rising through the ranks to a Air Vice Chief Marshal. 

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