Godmanchester War Walks

I started these walks way back in 2012, and they have always been well attended. They give a interesting insight into life during the two World Wars, you'll learn about some of the men (and woman) who went to war and their fates and life back in Godmanchester during those war torn times. You'll also see the buildings you know so well in a different light, who lived there, what mysteries do they conceal? 

There are two walks, one for each war, the WW1 one comes first, with the WW2 one a week later. Dates are normally announced around February and the walks take place in early July. They take around 2 to 2.5 hours and are on pavements and pathways. Whilst the pace is not punishing they cover a fair distance, so it's not for everyone. They start at 6.30pm prompt and finish around 8.30 -8.45pm.

Watch out for 2019 dates on The Godmanchester Stirling Facebook page and on this website. Book your tickets early, £4 per person, children under 16 FREE.   


Tough lot these Gumcestrians, not even all day rain stopped them


Another group all set for a summer evening WW2 Walk....