Godmanchester Stirling Fund Donations

When this project first started its aim was to pay for and place a memorial close to the crash site of The Godmanchester Stirling. This would 'cost', so funds needed to raised. Initially this money came from war walks and talks given to local history societies. The idea of a Veterans Day the came to mind, and this added to the funds that could be raised. As luck would have it the memorial stone cost very little, the stone was donated, cut and polished for nothing, it was transported to Godmanchester for nothing, stored here for nothing and finally set in the ground for nothing. The only cost was for the plaques to be fixed on to its face. 

So the monies I had raised, and continue to raise, should, I felt, be put to good use both locally and nationally in honour of the crew of The Godmanchester Stirling and their story. The launch of 'Stirling to Essen' in the Summer of 2017 added significantly to the fund and will continue to do so whilst its available. Here are the donations that have been made over the past four years.

2015: TOTAL £1310

IBCC Lincoln £650

Godmanchester Stirling Fund £660


2016: TOTAL £1600

IBCC Lincoln £600

Godmanchester Stirling Fund £600

Marleen Jennissen (Holland) 200 Euros

MacRoberts Reply (Book Support) £200


2017: TOTAL £3430

IBCC Lincoln £500

RAF Benevolent Fund £400

Godmanchester Stirling Fund £100

Blenheim Aircraft Charity (in memory of Sqd Ldr Ian Blair) £200

Peoples Mosquito (in memory of Sqd Ldr Ron Tong and  Flt Lt Marc Lagesses) £400

Comrades Club, Godmanchester £250

Combat Stress (Chosen by Veteran Ron Needle) £100

Porch Museum, Godmanchester £570

Tesco Chosen Charities (Book Signings) £130

The Navigator (Musical Project) £500

Poppy Appeal (Frosts Signing) £130

Marie Curie Cancer £150


2018: TOTAL

Godmanchester Remembers (WW1 Project) £150

RAF Benevolent Fund £480

Veterans Day (costs) £350

Norris Museum £25

MacMillan Cancer (Chosen by Veteran Archie McInnes) £200

Tesco Chosen Charities (Book Signings) £530

Combat Stress (Chosen by Veteran Ron Needle) £100

Marie Curie (Wyevale Signing) £110

Project Propellor 2019 £300

Godmanchester in Bloom £100

Godmanchester Memorial Bench £800

Ely Cathedral (Book Signing) £50

Godmanchester Country Park £100

British Legion (John Lewis Signing) £125

RAFA Wings Charity (RAF Wyton Talk) £60

Street Aid Cambridge (Grafton Centre Signing) £100