Family Day 2014 with Flypast

Having spent two years tracking down the families connected to the Godmanchester Stirling story I decided to organise a day where they could all meet, chat amongst themselves, discover more about the story and learn more about the Short StIrling Bomber. It would also give the town the chance to connect with the story as well. I contacted the Battle of Britain Memorial flight to see if a fly past was possible, I was told it was very short notice, but a week before I received a phone call to say that they could not miss such an event and would therefore divert on their way to Duxford and do a 'fly through', basically one pass. It was to be a marvellous day for everyone. Here Roy Palmer, the owner of Drummond's 1930's Supercharged Squire gave the families a short history lesson on the car which Drummond used to rally all those years ago. This was followed by a trip to Ben Sansoms fantastic, and famous, 1940's house which gave us a real sense of life back then.



Yours truly with the Stirling Project team, they are building the front piece of a Short Stirling and showed some of their work.  


I gave each family the opportunity of putting up a display of their airmen's memorabilia, here two tables cover the service of Navigator Clifford Reeve and his skipper Squadron Leader Drummond Wilson.



After lunch Pino Lombardi of The Stirling Project gave a talk on the Short Stirling, whilst I covered what had been discovered so far regarding the Godmanchester Stirling story.


Two very special photos, Drummond Robson (son of Pilot Officer Norman Robson) meets Drummond Thorne (son of Drummond Wilson). Their fathers trained together and became great friends, so much so that Norman named his son after his best friend. This was the first time the sons of two wartime best friends had met. Not long after this event a third Drummond, Drummond Orr, was found. Another one of Drummond Wilson's relatives. In the other photo Phillippa Kirby receives a small piece of metal that came from the MacRoberts Reply her late Grandfather, Edgar Gould, had flown in.


Presentations in full swing


 The Stirling Projects display and the niece of Sergeant Len Gornall stand by the side of his dress uniform, now owned by Tempsford Museum and Archive. 


And right on time over she came, this wonderful photograph was taken by Peter McGuire, hundreds turned out to watch her fly over and she even delayed a wedding at St Marys. Alas the Hurricane that was supposed to accompany her failed to turn up due to the Spitfire breaking down she had to divert elsewhere.


 More wonderful shots of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster passing over The Causeway



Afterwards I made short speech at The Chinese Bridge, remembering all those who had flown in the Godmanchester Stirling, especially those who lost their lives during the conflict. We also raised some money for the fund by passing buckets around. I was ably supported by my wife, Michele, and also my so James and daughter in law Hayley, as well as number of other volunteers who helped it to be the success it was.