History Talks Available

The Godmanchester Stirling story originally started as a talk, and very popular it was/is too. Since then I've built up a number of talks which are available to Historical Societies and Groups, my speakers fee is £50. This is donated to The Godmanchester Stirling Fund and donated to local and national causes.

The Godmanchester Stirling: Covering the life of Squadron Leader Drummond Wilson and his crew. Their amazing story became a book in 2017, which went to re-print in February 2018. The talk gives great overview of Drummonds life, the history of XV Squadron from October 1941 through to April 1942, and the men who flew with him. Who were they, where did they come from and what became of them and their families.

'House of Spies' This new 2018 talk set Buckden History Society's all time record attendance, and is now proving popular with other groups. It looks at the WW2 activities within Farm Hall, Godmanchester, an SIS (Special Intelligence Service) establishment, a story of secret agents dropped into occupied Europe, remarkable RAF officers and one 'hero' Cocker Spaniel. 

Father and Son: The story of William Rhodes-Moorhouse of the Portholme Aircraft Company and first RFC airmen to be awarded a Victoria Cross and also his son, Willy, a Battle of Britain Hurricane pilot. Two remarkable aviators who served their country in the finest traditions of the RFC and RAF. However with William you may have to make your own mind as to what sort on=f man he truly was.    

Godmanchester and the Great War: Based on the walk by the same name it gives an insight into the men who fought and died during the Great War and life in Godmanchester as a whole during the conflict.

Godmanchester and WW2: This contains elements of the WW2 walk, but includes more detail and visuals. A fascinating insight into the town, its men (and woman) who made the ultimate sacrifice and some amazing background to the town during the conflict, from Dunkirk, to spies, to D-Day, even our very own Dad's Army. This talk has it all and more besides. A LOT happened in Godmanchester from 39-45

Contact me on 01480 383460 to book your talks.