Squadron Leader Matthew Drummond Henderson Wilson

 Matthew Drummond Henderson Wilson, known to all as Drummond, and later during his service with XV Squadron as 'Jock'.

The first picture shows a wedding party, Drummond can be seen fifth from the left, keep in the same row and two long (just to the right of the bride) is Alastair Robertson, he would end up being Drummonds best man when his sister, Aymee, married Drummond. In the photograph below, taken probably at Perth Flying School, during initial training, Alastair can be seen seated in the second row, fifth from the left. I often wonder looking at these photos.. 'what became of them all'?


Drummond's love of cars was very evident from an early age, here Amyee sits behind the wheel of one his many Sports Cars, in the lower picture the car he has become most associated with, the Squire Supercharged. This car still exists today and has been to Godmanchester on a number of occasions, including on the Memorials Dedication Day. Alongside it the final picture is from a local Newcastle paper describing Drummonds 'spill' in a brand new Tiger Moth.


The log book for the Squire Supercharged JB 8776, and another of Drummond's favourites


Drummonds love of cars was legendary, but he was also a founder member and major driving force behind Scottish Rallying, being instrumental in the success of the Caledonian Motor Club. Here they pay tribute to a man who they clearly held in high regard.


Drummond and Aymee's Wedding in the Summer of 1940, it took place at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. A moment of happiness in very dark times. And a 'colourised' version which The Godmanchester Stirling had made and which was presented to Drummond's son, Drummond Thorne, at the Godmanchester Bomber Command Veterans Day in 2016. The newspaper clipping helped us to piece together the brides dress and the even the colour of the flowers. 


Two great photos of Drummond, one in uniform and the other more casual, along with the front cover of his very full flying log book (Flying Officer rank)


Following his death his wife Aymee embroidered this piano stool in his memory. 


Various personal items were amassed over the years, most carried his initials and were made of Silver. These included his Cigarette Case and Lighter, a Hair Brush and Pocket Watch and, from a far earlier time, his Porridge Bowl, which also had a spoon. Perhaps a Christening present from a family member?



One of the most moving pieces of memorabilia is the St Christopher that Aymee bought him to keep him safe, complete with her nickname 'Aims'


The letter sent to Aymee to bestow upon her her late husband's War Medals granted for the 1939-45 War. The ribbon is the 'Aircrew Europe' Medal, the wings are likely to be a personal item (similar to a sweetheart badge) The Eagle pin is most likely to have come from Drummonds Officers side cap.


The peaceful setting of the small CWGC cemetery on Rectory Lane, Wyton, close to the now defunct St Margarets and All Saints Church. 


And the final resting place of Squadron Leader Matthew Drummond Henderson Wilson 'Per Ardua, Ad Adstra'